What Problems Came In The Way Of Spreading Islam

Muhammad lived for another two years, during which islam was spread to the rest of the arabian peninsula. The effects of islam in west africa.

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Muhammad’s immediate successors, the rashidun caliphate , would continue the prophet’s mission to spread islam throughout the world.

What problems came in the way of spreading islam. Muslims are spreading islam through something called dawah booths where they have conversations with people who want to learn about islam. May allah shower all the happiness and joy on you and your family for spreading islam. Islam is the second largest religion in the world.

Muslims's pride of being muslims where islam makes a man humble and polite , down to earth. Islam was on its way to taking over the world as the ottoman empire… and no, it wasn't being spread by the strength of its arguments. Perhaps, this is the most notable impact of islam at the coast of east africa.

All four of the caliphs following muhammad’s death impacted the spread of islam. Muslim conquests following prophet muhammad's death led to the creation of the caliphates, occupying a vast geographical area; The force of arms or islamic teachings.

The history of the spread of islam spans about 1,400 years. Islam primarily spread through the word of one man. Prophet muhammad (peace be upon him) had started the spreading of islam at the place of his birth, mecca.

Islam had a great impact on the people and states of western sudan and for that matter west africa in general. Trading played an important role in the spread of islam in several parts of the world, notably southeast asia. Muslim dynasties were soon established and subsequent empires such as those of the abbasids, fatimids, almoravids, seljukids, and ajurans, adal and warsangali in somalia, mughals in india, safavids in persia, and ottomans in anatolia.

It originated about 1400 years ago in arabia and since then it has spread to farfetched corners of the world. The way that he did so was done in a very stable way that did not involve the harming of others, the prophet had showed equality and gave the people freedom of speech when he attempted to do so. The conversion was largely the work of a handful of islamic missionaries who came to the sudan from the larger muslim world.the great success of these missionaries, however, was not among the funj themselves.

This is the way of walisongo spreads islam without violence. It is not spreading but declining. Sectarianism is the main problem that equate all others combine.

It was then after the era of walisongo, islam developed so widespread in the archipelago. Most of the time, the muslim armies only opened the door for the islamic civilization to present itself, and ultimately the people would see the difference. The shortest distance between a problem and it's solution is the distance between knees and ground, one who kneel down to allah can stand up for anything.(ammen)

Islam not only was at once accepted (by many peoples and races) by arabia, syria, persia, egypt, northern africa and spain, at its first outburst; The history of islam is well documented, especially the growth of the religion starting in medina in 622. After ali’s death in 661 the expansion of islam started to decrease.

Most of the significant expansion occurred during the reign of the rashidun from 632. I asked my father what is dawah, he says calling others to islam is dawah, i say no that is not dawah, that is not spreading islam, dawah means first of all you learn yourself why you need islam, that is dawah, islam came for you, first of all, no. He died in june 632 in medina and is buried in the city.

Its the pride that devided muslims in different sects. The process that resulted in swahili culture took several centuries. All four of the caliphs were challenged in one way or another, and only some of them were able to get through the hard time successfully.

It has been spreading ever since it came into being. To believers and non believers: Certainly you will get the reward of it in hereafter.

Over the years, islam has grown, first to mecca and the whole arabian peninsula and later to africa and asia. Decidedly, islam itself was the main cause for its triumph. Today, muslim communities now also reside in traditionally christian areas.

Unlike christianity, islam is not a just a religion or a mass of doctrines or beliefs and rituals, but rather a complete way of life or civilization. Despite all the spread of islam and the glory it experienced in its early times, at present islam is facing numerous challenges on various forefronts that […] The intensified spreading of islam due to the arrival of aabs and somalis, and intermarriages with the local people resulted into the swahili people and swahili culture.

A survey in iran opened eyes of everyone where more than 5. Whenever you hear someone say “christianity is just as dangerous as is. What part of history are you referring to?

But, with the exception of spain, it has never lost its vantage ground; Looking back in history, it is easy to understand which way was the most influential means of spreading islam; Conversion to islam was boosted by arab muslim forces conquering vast territories and built imperial structures over time.

Also through videos on youtube where several people have conversations or debates concerning islam, christia. Majority of educated muslims have left islam and the only reason they do not come out is the fear of repercussions from their friends and family members. In conclusion, about 800 years islam entered the archipelago, since the year 674 until walisongo era in 1470, but has yet to be accepted by society en masse.

Before the prophet had spread islam in mecca. The following are the effects of islam in west.

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